Defensive Tactics for Professionals

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Security Officer
Training Certification

    , a division of AEM Enterprises, Inc., offers several security training services. The staff of DTPro are New Jersey State Certified Security Officer Instructors.

    Security Officer Training Certification

    1. The “Security Officer Registration Act” (SORA) N.J.S.A. US:19A-1 to 45:19A-12 mandates that all security officers in the State of New Jersey attend a 24 hr. education and training course. The training course will include:

    • Homeland Security/Counter Terrorism
    • Communications/Emergency Response/ICS
    • Theft Prevention
    • Limits on use of force
    • Detention of suspects
    • Ethics/professional conduct
    • First Aid/CPR/AED

    All applicants’ info and photo are uploaded to the New Jersey State Police for proper certification after completion.

    “Certified Security Officer” requirements:

    • At least 18 years of age
    • Valid photo ID with valid expiration date,
      i.e. NJ Drivers License, Passport, etc.
    • A valid “Temporary Certificate of Registration as a Security Officer”. Said registration is issued by the New Jersey State Police.

    2. Certifications in the use of

       A. Extended baton

       B. O.C. Spray

       C. Handcuffing procedure

    3. Un-armed self-defense training which is compliant with all New Jersey State and Federal rules, laws and regulations

    4. Security Facility Assessment

    Assessments are a comprehensive report designed for corporation executives, managers and officials to take in their facility. DTPro representatives will walk grounds, interview employees, and inspect vulnerable areas.

    DTPro will prepare a report and put on a Powerpoint Presentation to corporation executives of assessment findings.

    For more information or to sign up for training
    e-mail or call 732-309-0822

    Mailing address:
    56 Union Ave., Rear
    Manasquan, NJ 08736