Defensive Tactics for Professionals

a division of AEM Enterprises, Inc.

DT PRO founder,Tim Vazquez, has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is retired as a State Investigator for New Jersey.

Some of his extensive law enforcement expertise includes:

Certified FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor since 1993.

Certified by New Jersey State Police as a “Security Officer Instructor” in compliance with the New Jersey State “Security Officer Registration Act” (SORA).

Instructor of Special Tactical Response Teams and member on two separate teams holding position of point man.

Former lead D.T. instructor for an accredited NJ State law enforcement training academy and author of the D.T. lesson plan currently in use.

Former member of N. J. State Street Gang Unit and a qualified Hispanic Street Gang Expert in Superior Court.

Former certified Police Academy Instructor by the NJ Police Training Commission since 1992.

Recipient of N.J. General Assembly Resolutions and U.S. Congressional Recognition for outstanding law enforcement investigations.

Over 30 years of martial arts experience. Full time practitioner of a traditional Japanese martial art. Instructor and administrator of a martial arts training facility.

Supreme Court Ruling, Gang Expert, Investigator Timoteo Vazquez